Hamidiye International School is a fully accredited academic institution by Pearson Edexcel. We are therefore an authorized learning center for all Pearson Edexcel qualifications. We currently offer International GCSE and International A-Levels in all major subjects as follows.


The class level at which students aged 3-5 receive education is kindergarten.


The class level at which students aged 5-11 receive education is primary school.


The class level at which students aged 11-16 receive education is secondary school.

Sixth From

The class level at which students aged 16-18 receive education is high school.

Early Year's Foundation Stage

As a school, we have our EYP classes subdivided into Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten classes. The following subjects shall be taken among other proactive class activites:

iEarly year's English

iEarly year's Mathematics

iEarly year's The World around us

Other subjects and activities include; Arabic language, Quran & Islamic Studies, Environmental Studies, Creative Writing, Art, Music, Theater, Physical Education etc.

KS1, KS2 to KS3 Classes

KS1-KS3 represents iLower Primary, iPrimary to iLower Secondary which falls between Year 1-8 in our school therefore, the outlined curriculum, syllabus contents and subjects taught in these levels shall be as required by the Pearson Edexcel curriculum and made up of the following:

iLower Primary, iPrimary and iLower Secondary English

iLower Primary, iPrimary and iLower Secondary Math

iLower Primary, iPrimary and iLower Secondary Science

iLower Primary, iPrimary and iLower Secondary Computing

Pearson Edexcel International (GCSE)

Our school offers Pearson Edexcel IGCSE qualifications and we are fully accredited and registered as a proper IGCSE Edexcel examination Centre since we believe that it is the world’s most popular international qualification for 14 to 16 years olds.

Outlined below are some of the subjects to be taken by our students (It is also important to note that our official language of instruction for all Edexcel Curriculum subjects shall be English from KG-Yr.12)

Edexcel IGCSE English as SL Language

Edexcel IGCSE Mathematics

Edexcel IGCSE Chemistry

Edexcel IGCSE Science Awards

Humanities Edexcel IGCSE History // Geography

Technical Applied Sciences

Edexcel IGCSE Business Studies // ICT // Both

Pearson Edexcel International (Advanced Level)

Just as required by IGCSE, our students shall only be eligable for enrollment in IA levels when thet score at least 5 points in 5 IGCSE and score at least 7 points in the subjects they wish to choose in both AS & A2 level.

The learners in IAL in olur schools are, therefore, excepted to select a minimum of 3 subjects and a maximum of 4 subjects in line with their qualifications and future careers. The following are the subjects we plan to offer in International Advanced Level (IAL) in our school:

Pearson IAL English Language

Pearson IAL English Literature

Pearson IAL Pure Mathematics

Pearson IAL Business Studies

Pearson IAL Biology

Pearson IAL Physics

Pearson IAL Chemistry

Applied IT

History & Geography

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