Hamidiye International Schools —Ankara , Turkey.

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We shape the future leaders..

Providing an up to date curriculum empowering the young generation for a better and brighter future.

Snow falls at Hamidiye Campus

Snow falls at Hamidiye International Schools – Ankara Campus. We miss our students on snow days!

2020-2021 Academic Year Awarding Ceremony

It’s a great pleasure for our administrative and teacher staff to see their students accomplish great things!

Hamidiye International Schools —Ankara / Turkey.

Our school – Hamidiye International School is a  learning institution situated in Ankara, Turkey that is committed to achieving educational excellence. We are looking forward to educating students from varied socio-cultural backgrounds, by embracing international students from different nations and ethnicity. Our long-term plan is aimed at enabling our learners to strive for higher academic achievements and to discover their potential in a student-centered learning environment.

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