Hamidiye International Schools —Ankara , Turkey.

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Our Mission & Vision

Hamidiye International Schools


Our school – Hamidiye International School is a  learning institution situated in Ankara, Turkey that is committed to achieving educational excellence. We are looking forward to educating students from varied socio-cultural backgrounds, by embracing international students from different nations and ethnicity. Our long-term plan is aimed at enabling our learners to strive for higher academic achievements and to discover their potential in a student-centered learning environment.

School Mission – To offer quality religious and material education

School Vision – To nurture a talented generation endowed with desirable moral values and academic principals.

In addition to student excellence in academic performance, as a school, we believe that the basic human values transcend our religious and cultural differences, and we wish to instil them by encouraging our learners to uphold high moral standards which are acceptable in all walks of life.

The following are some of the vital core values and principles we plan to instil in our learners at Hamidiye International Schools:


Which is aimed at enabling the learners to develop the mentality of “doing the right/appropriate thing when no one is looking.” We train and expect our learners to develop the self-drive to realize academic excellence.


Which entails showing value for the rights and needs of others, without necessarily fearing punishment or out of the desire for a reward


As a school we intend to train our learners to strive to become a microcosm of a civil, caring, and a just society. This way, our learners shall develop caring relationships among their fellow students, staff members, family and the general society at large.


At Hamidiye we believe that mentoring a good character involves understanding, being concerned about, and acting upon all core ethical values in order to sustain a holistic approach to character development among our students.


At Hamidiye we expect all stakeholders to upload a decent level of fairness in their daily dealings and interactions with each other. We believe that fairness breads justice which is also another vital value in the character development process.


As a school we believe in the power of “telling the truth and taking responsibilities.” We also believe that honesty shall build true connections anchored in trust amongst the learners, staff members, parents and the school administrators.

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