Hamidiye International Schools —Ankara , Turkey.

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Principal's Message

Welcome to Hamidiye International School (HIS), a learning institution where academic competence and prowess are instilled in students at an early age to fuel their journey to success. As a school, we have managed to solicit a team of proper professionals and a staff dedicated to achieving academic excellence while adhering to the socio-cultural and moral Islamic principles. Our curriculum choice and accreditation are in line with the Pearson Edexcel Qualifications in International GCSE and International Advanced Levels.

In a world experiencing an unprecedented era of change, the Pearson Edexcel curriculum, which we offer in a K-12 structure, allows for an inquiry-based and learner-centered pedagogy within classrooms led by our highly skilled, trained, and dedicated international teachers. Due to this, HIS has assembled state-of-the-art teaching and learning facilities. On the other hand, our high expectations of student behavior, discipline, and strong lesson attendance ensure that our students are focused on their learning and have a sense of belonging, and feel proud to be associated with Hamidiye school.

Our students graduate at the end of Grade 10 with at least 5 IGCSE subjects and proceed to enroll for International Advanced Levels where they further their erudition and graduate with at least 3 subjects in line with the University demands and their future careers. Therefore, our main terminal examinations (IGCSE & IAL) are prepared, examined, and assessed by the British Pearson Edexcel examinations Board. This implies that most of our successful learners are eligible for admissions to all major competent universities and colleges around the globe.

Brian O Agwari, B.Ed (BioChem). PGDE. M.Ed (Curriculum Studies)

School Principal & Academic Head

Hamidiye International School

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